LRA-D1000S Loud Doorbell Plugin Kit with Bright Strobe Light


Super Bright plug-in doorbell with flashing strobe light is Loud & is perfect for hearing impaired or noisy environments.  Easy to use kit includes a push button and a chime with a bright flashing strobe on top.   The chime plugs into any available outlet where the chime/strobe needs to be located.  Add on additional chimes around the home or additional push buttons for a back or side door.  Compatible with all products in the LRA series of products.  Quick and easy setup and a 90-decibel chime make this product a must-have.  Select "Chime Only", "Strobe Only", or "Chime & Strobe".

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Download user manualGTIN: 635963264666

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Accessories and Addons

A Door Chime for the Hard of Hearing with a Bright Strobe Light with Plug-in Receiver

Are you looking for a Loud Doorbell Plugin Kit with Bright Strobe Light?  The LRA-D1000S is a wireless door kit featuring a plug-in receiver featuring one push-button & one plugin receiver.    The plug-in receiver is small and compact but has a large, loudspeaker that outputs sound from 80-90 dBA (depending on the melody selected), and a bright strobe light (that you can turn on or off).  Like all products in the LRA series, this receiver is compatible with all LRA products allowing you to add more receivers, transmitters, etc. to your system to meet your needs.

Simply plug the receiver into a standard wall outlet, follow the programming instructions, and your system will be up and running.  When this kit is purchased, the push button and receiver provided in the kit are programmed at the factory to the "ding-dong" sound.  This receiver may be programmed to two different transmitters, with each transmitter playing a distinct melody on the receiver.    Additional receivers enable you to spread them throughout your home or office.

  • When purchased as a kit, the push button comes programmed to the receiver.  Follow the included instructions to program an additional push button or another transmitter to the receiver.
  • Pair/program up to two (2) transmitters to a receiver.  Like the LRA-DCRX and LRA-VPRX, other receivers work with up to four (4) transmitters per receiver.
  • Three modes of operation; sound only, strobe only, strobe and sound.
  • Eighteen (18) melodies to choose from.  Decibel ratings of 85 dba-95 dba depending on the melody chosen.
  • Low battery indicator indicates when the battery in paired push button (or another transmitter) is weak and needs to be replaced.
  • Plug-in unit up to 1,000 ft. from transmitters.  Environmental factors and building materials will reduce the maximum operating wireless range.
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Manufactured by Safeguard Supply.

Having Problems Hearing the WIRED DOORBELL already installed in Your Home?

Do you have an existing wired doorbell system in your home, but have trouble hearing it?  Think of pairing up the LRA-DCRXS Plug-in strobe receiver with a wireless door chime extender featured in our Flashing Doorbell Extender Product by Safeguard Supply.

Add Wireless Receivers Throughout Your Home

Want to hear this doorbell in your bedroom, kitchen, or even your garage?  Simply purchase additional LRA-DCRXS plugin receivers or the LRA-DCRX battery-operated receiver to add more sound throughout your home.  Each of these receivers may be programmed to the LRA-PBTX wireless push button so that you can easily hear visitors, no matter where you are in your home.

How to LRA-PBTX Push Button Mounts

The LRA-PBTX push button has two pieces.  The first image below is the back mounting plate the attaches to the exterior wall.  The second image show this mounting plate and the back of the LRA-PBTX electronics.

Once the mounting plate is attached to the wall using the supplied mounting screws and double-sided tape, the LRA-PBTX button attaches to the mounting plate. (click the arrows to rotate through the images to get a basic idea).  The user manual provides full mounting instructions.

Video Examples of the LRA-D1000S and Programming.

Watch these two videos to see an example of the bright flashing strobe on the LRA-DCRXS.  As noted above, you can turn this flashing on or off.  The second video demonstrates basic programming.

Want to Hear the Sounds Played by the LRA-DCRXS?

Click the buttons below.

Ding Dong
Door Knocking
Big Ben
Smooth Alert
Electric Flute
Simple Rhythm
Dog Barking
Zap Alert
Falling Water
Car Horn
Telephone Ringing
Office Phone Ringing
Rooster Crow
Police Siren
Fog Horn
Organ Chords
Oh Susanna
Coming Around the Mountain
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 in


Wireless Range

1000 ft.

Wireless Features

Expandable, Flashing Strobe, Multi-Zone, Visual Indicator


1 Year


Safeguard Supply


Safeguard Supply - LRA Series

Battery Or Plug In

Plug-in Receiver

Kit Or Accessory


Customer Reviews

Based on 213 reviews
C. (Columbus, US)
Doorbell with flashing light.

My mother has a hard time hearing the doorbell, so I ordered one with a flashing light, it works very well.
She can now see and hear when someone is at the door.
Great product, would recommend it.

A.G. (McKeesport, US)
Director of maintenance

Seem like a good product with lots of options.

B. (San Jose, US)
Great product for my mother with hearing disability

Since my mother doesn't like to wear hearing aids at all, this has been great for her to get a physical alert and all the main rooms of her house.

Doorbell Range Extender

Works great. Gives me the coverage that I needed. Now I know which door to go to.

J.T. (Rainier, US)


C.R. (Arcola, US)
5 stars

works great thanks!

J. (Grand Island, US)
Excellent product

We use this doorbell with 3 receivers in an medium sized office building. The strobe light is perfect for staff who have had difficulty hearing the doorbell in the past. Also, the doorbell is a good volume for everyone else in the space. I was concerned that it would be too loud for others, as you are not able to adjust the volume, but it is not.

B.C. (Hazel Green, US)
Good devices

Our new house one not very loud door bell. I added 3 wireless door chimes. Now we will definitely not miss someone at the door.

W.C. (Portland, US)
excellent product

Works great through thick walls (double drywall) and from the building next door. Sound is great quality. I like the variety of ring-tones. I'm only sad that the ringers do not work with an older style product that has been discontinued. The ringers/chime button are a much better product - more sturdy and the electronics is separate from the battery so we are less likely to damage it when changing the battery. Worth the price.

C.R. (Forest Lake, US)
Works in Walk in Cooler!

At 50ft from door it will work in a walk in cooler!